Why do we do what we do ?


We believe in people and we like to trust the right people.

Trust is what we need to allow us to do things differently, to do new things.


We believe in innovation

We believe in doing things differently

We believe we can always find new solutions

We believe a good solution should be simple and efficient

And... We give back to the community


RUEL is a family company driven by passion

Our purpose is to find simple and efficient solutions for better sound and help music artists, and music listeners feel good.

At RUEL audio we believe that our products can make a huge difference in people's lives with a clear, pure and intelligible sound for shared emotions.


RUEL innovative products just work

By thinking outside the box, we find new solutions.

We do things differently and we sometimes

"break the rule" #breaktherule


RUEL products are beautiful

We just love beautiful things, be it what nature has to offer or something us human build.

It just feels good to be surrounded by beautiful things.


RUEL products are easy to use

We love when things are easy to use.

We put a lot of effort to design simple and easy to use solutions.


RUEL gives back to the community

For us, success means giving back.

By helping children art education, by helping music artists, and by sharing our passion and love for sound and music, we want to make a difference in the life of people.

10% of our profits are re-injected in the community.

It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse your eye catching loudspeaker system. It looks very elegant and impressive, with unique acoustical technology. Refreshing to see Canada making an innovative speaker product once again!
— Peter Duminy, CEO, DLC Loudspeaker & Headphone R&D Group