An innovative, simple and user friendly, elegant luxury home speaker system made by hand in Canada with French savoir-faire.

They sound stunning with incredible detail.
— Rob BOFFARD from

"The R+ is our contribution to the music industry, and what we’ve done,

and we love doing this at RUEL, is we decided just to start over."

The new R+ is a quite remarkable engineering achievement.


It really represents just a complete revolution in the way that speakers are made.

And traditionally speakers are made from multiple types of speaker drivers, but the problem is when we have different drivers and crossovers you add complexity and you increase the opportunity for distortion, and the huge breakthrough that we had with the R+ was to replace all of those parts with just one part.

We figured out a way to make the R+ fundamentally simpler, more accurate, and with a quality of sound in the room that we’ve never ever dream of before.

And the only way to make this happen was to create a vertical line of sound.


When you start using it, when you start listening to your favorite music on it, it becomes so much more than just a speaker.

We’ve refined and refined every detail in the service of the music, just to get rid of any distraction,

if something is not in the recording, it’s not there.

I don’t know how we could make something anymore transparent, any simpler than the new R+."


Thierry RUEL

Inventor, Founder of RUEL audio

It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse your eye catching loudspeaker system. It looks very elegant and impressive, with unique acoustical technology. Refreshing to see Canada making an innovative speaker product once again!
— Peter Duminy, CEO, DLC Loudspeaker & Headphone R&D Group

It’s a very interesting, innovative speaker, with sound that, given the TAVES venue acoustics, was more than promising.
— Robert Deutsch from Stereophile magazine