RUEL speaker systems are crafted in Canada from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards.

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For the love of Music

Share your love for music with your friends and family, close or far from the system, seated or not, it's still good.

Truly experience the music, hear what you never heard before, close your eyes, it's all there, in your room.

They sound stunning with incredible detail.
— Rob BOFFARD from www.masterswitch.com

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The R+ really represents just a complete revolution in the way that speakers are made.

Good sound at only one sweet spot, difficulty to set a sound level appropriate for everyone, uneven sound quality...

With RUEL, those are things of the past.

Some say that the R+ is the closest headphones' sound without headphones

What we love about the RUEL technology is the wonderful sharing experience you get

It provides a very even sound level throughout the room

It reproduces all frequencies from the low E string of a bass to the highest pitch we can hear

The R+ is the first modular, full range, one-way, line source loudspeaker

It is one-way and is free from distortion usually produced by crossovers and multi-way systems

It is modular and it is easy to ship and set up

It is beautiful

It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse your eye catching loudspeaker system. It looks very elegant and impressive, with unique acoustical technology. Refreshing to see Canada making an innovative speaker product once again!
— Peter Duminy, CEO, DLC Loudspeaker & Headphone R&D Group

It’s a very interesting, innovative speaker, with sound that, given the TAVES venue acoustics, was more than promising.
— Robert Deutsch from Stereophile magazine