Everything is physics and math.
— Katherine Johnson

Elimination of the floor to ceiling resonances

Enhanced clarity

More power over distance

Shared experience


More even sound level throughout the room

With a point source system (like most conventional systems) we lose 6dB each time we double the listening distance (in free space).

With a line source system, we only lose 3dB each time we double the listening distance.

This allows the R+ to provide a more even sound level throughout the room.

The RUEL R+ works well in large rooms as well as in smaller rooms.
There is very little sound attenuation when you are away from the speakers.
Close listening is also great, the sound level changes relatively little as you get closer.

The sound is also the same at any listening height.

Low frequency precision

The R+ uses the floor and ceiling to create a line source.

The floor and the ceiling become part of the system.

The floor to ceiling dips and resonances (modes) are eliminated.

Image clarity

The wonderful imaging of the RUEL R+ lets you audibly locate the entire characteristic sound of each instrument more accurately in space and the details are simply magic.

The full range of frequencies are radiated from the same full-range drivers that are all in the same vertical line.

In the horizontal dimension, the sound seem to come from almost anywhere but the speakers.
Sounds can be located in a wide horizontal area.