Marcel Lapointe & Isabelle Gagnon


Marcel Lapointe & Isabelle Gagnon

Piano tuners and restorers

Marcel Lapointe and Isabelle Gagnon are experienced piano technicians working in the Quebec City area.

Strongly involved in the industry, they are constantly innovating in a field that is more than 300 years old, by experimenting with new solutions, always in search of perfection.

Sharing is also a strong character trait of Isabelle’s and Marcel's personalities.

Their passion leads them to travel to Europe to meet their peers, to exchange and find what is best, to constantly improve what they excel at in their field.

At the age of 4, Marcel knew who he wanted to become by watching with admiration the family’s piano tuner.

It was during his studies in music that Marcel was finally introduced to this art by following the piano tuner of the conservatory.

Marcel was so insistent and so passionate that the tuner, who wasn’t very talkative, ended up giving him information about his job.

This is how Marcel Lapointe began his apprenticeship as a piano tuner, always outdoing himself " for the artist, the piano, the sound".

Marcel then became a music teacher at the conservatory and a soloist for 12 years in the Quebec symphony orchestra.

Marcel also met with Isabelle at the conservatory and she eventually became a piano tuner too.

"It is amazing to share a common passion and activity with your spouse as it opens the perspectives. Together, we always find a solution to a “case”.

It is with passion that Isabelle and Marcel give life back to pianos and are constantly surpassing themselves to offer the best piano sound to the artist.

What is your morning routine?

Coffee, silence and reading. "We start slowly in the morning, even when we work early or when we have guests at home. We simply get up earlier to enjoy this moment. In the summer we open the windows to listen to the song of the birds. "

What do you believe that others think is insane?

"Believe that we can change things for the better."

Apart from your expertise, which activities are you passionate about?

A common passion for films and books: "It's impressive to see the creativity, the stories, the variety of topics that are covered, it's an inexhaustible source of knowledge!"

What is your best achievement in your opinion?

Marcel Lapointe: "It was when we revived the Pleyel. The pin block was torn off, we had to open the piano on the sides with wood chisels, find another pin block ...The project lasted for years and finally ended in 2000. It was the year of the 300th anniversary of the invention of piano."

Isabelle Gagnon: "For me it is a congress that I organized. It was so intense!, It was a congress for one hundred piano technicians with activities for spouses, 5 classes and conferences at the same time, every single day. You can imagine what the logistics were like, all on paper ! "

What is your favorite quote or reflection?

Marcel: What have not I tried yet? (there must be a solution)

Isabelle: "First do not hurt!"

Why a RUEL R + in your home?

"We simply wanted the best because music is our life!

With the R + it's like a concert at home in the best conditions, it feeds us! "

What quality do you prefer?

Marcel: “listening”, “light in the eyes”

Isabelle: “authenticity”

Who would you like to meet dead or alive?

Marcel: Jules Verne

Isabelle: Boris Vian

Thierry Ruel