Music is beautiful, strong, vulnerable, and all the shades of expression on a RUEL System.

Music fills the room with precision and air.

It is equally engaging at high and low volumes.

Due to proprietary loading, there is very little difference in volume near of far from the speakers.
It loads the room evenly throughout with only slight gradations with distance.
Regardless of your position in the room, you will experience wonderful sound.

This is a speaker design for those who enjoy sharing music, not necessarily for those who feel good music only comes from having your ears within a few square inches of space.

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The RUEL R+ doesn’t look like anything else. It’s bold, unique, elegant and timeless.

It’s a work of art, built with noble materials.

What you see are columns that harken back to the pillars of ancient Greece, as they have been echoed to this day in current architecture, The R+  can be integrated into most any decor.
They are comprised of individual modules easily stacked upon one another, making both installation and integration a breeze.

The columns are made from thousands of horizontal layers of birch wood.  They are eventually dyed and finished with a durable smooth-to-the-touch finish.

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French savoir-faire

RUEL was created by Thierry RUEL, born in France, a country known for its high-end audio culture and luxury brands.
Think of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Hermès, Lancôme, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Lafite, Yves Saint Laurent.
These are admonitions of the beauty of life uttered through music.
Heirloom pieces to be handed down generation to generation.
So it is with RUEL, and Thierry’s respect and study of those who have come before him while creating something entirely new. This French savoir-faire was imported to Canada when Thierry and family moved in 2012 to the new world.

There he expanded upon a simple idea that he had for decades, while following the implications of the NRC (the National Research Council of Canada) during several years of research and development.
Each R+ is carefully handcrafted in Canada in the Ruel Facility located in New Brunswick.
They are robust, built in limited quantity and individually signed by Thierry Ruel.

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Room acoustics and speaker placement

The RUEL R+ technology has several advantages over traditional systems.
Rooms that were once verboten for good sound due to reflective surfaces can now be easily filled with beautiful music…with the impression of live musicians in the fore.
Yes, those surfaces that were once impediments are now part of the solution due to our new technology.
Additionally, The R+ can easily integrate with any existing system or be part of a multi-room home system.
The possibilities are endless.

Audiophile speakers are generally placed away from walls for best results, which is challenging for most decors.  

The RUEL R+ is designed to be placed against a wall or in a corner.
The footprint is small and the speaker goes from floor to ceiling.

It is modular to accommodate ceiling height from 8 to 24 feet.


The R+ is a breakthrough in the field of sound for the home.

It is a state-of-the-art system, elegant, luxurious, and handcrafted in Canada.

A line-source system

The R+ forms a column that goes from the floor to the ceiling, which is what allows to create a line-source system (an infinite line of sound thanks to the reflections of the floor and the ceiling).
With the R+, the sound develops in the form of a cylinder and carries the sound further than a conventional system.

There is little difference in volume when you move away from the R+, the sound level is evenly distributed in the room, move, you will be surprised.

One way system (without filters)

A conventional system uses speakers of different sizes to reproduce different frequencies ("woofer", "tweeter", ...) which requires the use of electronic filters to send the right frequencies to the right speakers.
Unfortunately these filters and these different types of speakers create distortions.

The R+ uses only one type of speaker to reproduce all the frequencies and eliminates the filters for a natural and transparent sound.

Constant directivity

When we listen to the sound reproduced by a loudspeaker in a room, we hear the direct sound of the speaker, but also the sound that the room gives back to us.
It is therefore important that the sound produced by the speaker be balanced in all directions.

Thanks to the principle of the line-source, the sound of the R+ is the same at all heights.

Also, at horizontal horizontal level, the sound produced by the R+ is the same in all directions thanks to 2 things:

  • a diffraction slot that widens the directivity of the high frequencies to 180 degrees

  • the placement of the R + against the wall which limits the directivity of the low frequencies to 180 degrees

Thus, the sound of the R+ in the room remains balanced on all frequencies regardless of the listening position.

A line-source system, one way, with constant directivity

It is the combination of these 3 characteristics that make R+ an exceptional system.
To our knowledge, the R+ is the only system in the world combining these features.
In addition, in order to create the best possible source line, the R+ is modular and adapts to the height of all rooms.

Technical characteristics of the R +

The R+ uses 1 "½" full-range speakers (7 per module) developed specifically for the system.
The columns are formed of modules of a little less than 1 foot (about 11 ").
It is made by gluing horizontal cross layers of Russian birch wood.
The modules, which use gold plated connectors, are assembled like Lego® blocks.
The minimum number of modules per column is 8.
The maximum number is 20.

To maintain the advantage of the line-source principle, the height of the column must be more than 80% of the height of the ceiling.
If the column height is less than 80%, the source line effect is attenuated, but the system retains its other outstanding features.

 At the rear of the modules, passive membranes allow to recover the back wave of the small speakers to enhance low frequencies.

The system can be used with the preamp of your choice, as long as it has XLR outputs with a level of 2 Volts RMS or PRO + 4dBu (6 Volts RMS max.)

Here are some examples of preamplifiers that can be used:
Lindemann MusicBook Preamplifiers, McIntosh, Anthem, NAD M12, Rotel RC-1590 ...

RUEL can also provide an adapter to allow the use of a consumer receiver (eg Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, Marantz) or to fit an existing system ($299 for 2 channels).

Frequency response

39Hz to 19 kHz ±2 dB


Constant 180 degrees


1000 Watts RMS per column

Sound Pressure Level

104dB SPL max at 1m (125dB max. peak)


Balanced XLR with switchable level sensitivity :

  • 2 volts RMS

  • +4dBu (6 volts max.)


From 7’7” to 18’7” (pour ceiling from 8 to 24 feet)


10lbs (5kg) per module