RUEL R7 speakers private launch event


 RUEL R7 speakers private launch event, Moncton NB, October 7th 2017


Family, friends, partners and part of the greater Moncton business community joined the RUEL family for the R7 private launch celebration.


The atmosphere was warm and elegant with draped black chairs, candles on the table, flowers, family pictures, delicious “amuses bouches” by Chef Marc Guitard and magical entertainment with Rémi Boudreau magician and illusionist.



This black and white private VIP cocktail was the place to discover, listen, touch and feel the R7. As said Carol O’Reilly, CEO of the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, “The music and the atmosphere gives me goosebumps”


The red R7 RUEL loudspeakers were unveiled. When the music begins, it was just a WOW in the Empress Capitol theatre. People were amazed as they said :


“Speakers are amazing, I really love the rich and what I love about that is the fact that you have the bass, the mids, and the trebles wherever you are in the room(...) I think it’s a breakthrough. It  is especially a breakthrough for home sound and home entertainment.“ Martin (Marty) Bourque, musician, and composer


“I get the goosebumps when I’m here! and it’s amazing because I feel like the musician are in the room. It’s a magical, magical feeling“ Carol O’Reilly, CEO of GMCC


“For me RUEL means innovation and they bring the sound to another dimension. The sound is excellent and you feel like you are in a live event with musicians !“ Guy Leger, Director of development, Expansion Dieppe


“Well, I actually thought that is was a pianist actually playing and I thought that he is really good ! then I realize that it was the speakers, then I thought WOW, it’s very clear, really amazing”, Olivia, teenager


Thierry (Terry) RUEL, founder, and CEO of RUEL audio Inc. is grateful for those comments. As he said: “  It really means something to me because we believe in people and we like to trust the right people. It is trust that allows us to do things differently to do new things”.  


And Isabelle Lafargue-Ruel, Terry’s wife, and co-founder told us that she is involved in the company “because RUEL audio gives backs to the community” based on their sales, they will organize events to share their passion for great sound, music, and arts with the community, especially with children.


The RUEL story begins and breaks the rule…...stay tuned!


Pete Jones,

Writer for RUEL audio


Thierry Ruel